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Comprehensive Medication Administration and Management Software
from ExactMed Solutions...The Leading Innovator of Long-Term Care Software

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Ensure the Highest Quality of Care
Bar code scanning for positive medication identification at the point of care to reduce human error
Minimize Risk, Facilitate Compliance, Avoid Unnecessary Costs
Real-time information and automatic alerts help prevent errors, F-Tags, fines, or civil litigation and settlements
Increase Efficiency and Productivity
Automatically capture and record the most current data and results to documents, reorder meds in one touch, eliminate more recaps!
Attract and Retain Nursing Staff
Technology-driven med passes and fewer administrative tasks relieve stress and allow time for self-fulfilling work
Recover Investment, Improve Profitability...Reduce Expenses!

Easily process med orders, prevent costly errors, reduce paper costs, decrease overtime, lower recruiting and training costs, promote focus on medication safety

iMAR is a comprehensive bar code-driven medication management tool that connects the physician, pharmacy, nurse, med cart, and resident. iMAR enhances care, facilitates compliance, and reduces expenses for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. iMAR supports electronic interfaces with leading LTC pharmacy and clinical software packages.

For pennies a day per resident. iMAR provides a highly advanced medication administration and management solution.

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